Are you frustrated with how long traditional claims processing takes for your civil litigation practice? This old-fashioned process requires a lot of manual work and by doing so, errors happen far too often. Not to mention, your time would be spent better elsewhere.

But fortunately, Claim Automated is changing that!

Claim Automated is a software that integrates with leading case management applications involved in document automation including Clio, Rocket Matter and Practice Panther, which allows users to enjoy an uninterrupted workflow.

With Claim Automated, your firm can get more done! Improve automation, save time and experience a seamless process when filing claims. Claim Automated generates standardized claims for a variety of different matters, including breach of contract disputes, damage claims, and a variety of other lawsuits.

When a claim needs to be populated, simply select the matter, fill out the fields, and then a claim will be generated quickly. It takes minutes… not hours!

As a civil litigator, your time is valuable. Spend more of your time helping clients and doing activities that help your business rather than wasting it on manual and administrative work.

With Claim Automated, the claims process will be accelerated and errors will be avoided so you can focus on more important tasks and work with more clients.

Furthermore, Claim Automated has pre-automated workflows to save your firm additional time. Automatically populate claims, and when they’re ready, you can print or download your customized legal documents.

Claim Automated is the 1st in the legal industry to standardized pleadings and automate them. Claim Automated improves law firm automation and streamlines claim processing; now civil litigators can get back to accepting new clients quicker, offer faster turnaround times and get more done. Generate claims in minutes - not hours.

Generating high-quality claims is easy thanks to Claim Automated! Visit for more information and gain access to a free demo. Try the system today and experience the benefits firsthand!