Systems and Procedures – Improving every part of your practice through applied technology


In Cass v. 1410088 Ontario Inc., 2018 ONSC 6959, Superior Court Justice Whitten capped the cost on legal fees as he stated, “In this day and age of boilerplate pleadings and the instant availability of drafting precedent, the hours expended appear to be excessive.” Even at the highest levels, it’s recognized that using systems to streamline standard practices just makes sense.

“I love practicing law, but I hate the paperwork.”

It’s a conversation that every lawyer has had at least once, and it’s not surprising. According to a recent report, administrative tasks like drafting documents can take up to 48 percent of most lawyers’ time.

Claim Automated provides an easy-to-use system that can generate first drafts in seconds. Now you’re ready to get to work and you’ve already saved time for yourself, removed headaches for your staff, and lowered costs for your client. Any litigator looking to take their practice to the next level and offer a better product to their clients should consider the benefits of technological assistance that Automated Claims can offer. It’s time to look past traditional methods and embrace tools that can transform your practice.

Our system offers:

Time Savings and Reduced Input Errors

Systematic Workflows drastically reduces the time needed to start preparing legal documents, reduces the time needed to train staff, expedites resolutions and increases access to justice. The data is entered using question-and-answer technology, resulting in a very low rate of errors compared to manually generated documents. This leaves staff and attorneys with more time for personal interaction with their clients. The system is stored in a central repository, (i.e. Clio, Rocket Matter, MyCase, Practice Panther, Desktop or Laptop) for safer storage and faster retrieval.

Cost Savings

Every bit of time in a legal office costs money. Our systematic workflow approach to documentation helps to reduce the workload on litigators, clerks, and staff. The resulting cost savings reach every part of a legal practice, from labor to overhead – even lower write-offs.

Improved working conditions in your office

Burnout is real, and any lawyer will tell you that the drudgery of routine administrative duties takes away from their love of practicing law. Automated Claim’s systematic workflow system deletes most of the repetitive work, allowing attorneys to devote more time to intellectual analysis, strategic problem-solving, and creativity in their arguments.

The litigators would like more time to do their job, their staff would like to work with error-free documents, and the clients would love more time for personal interaction along with a reduction in overall billable hours. So why haven’t you switched over already? Get in touch with Claim Automated and let’s start improving the day-to-day functioning in your practice.

Identify all of your processes that should be automated for time and cost savings and let us generate automation workflows for you.

Generating high-quality claims is easy thanks to Claim Automated! Visit and gain access to a free demo. Try the system today and experience the benefits firsthand!