We’ve been dealing with the ins and outs of a litigation claims for 9 years. We understand the critical steps from intake to claim processing, and we know how time-consuming and error prone the traditional method of claim processing can be. We’ve experienced first-hand the manual keying, the endless waiting times, the excess documentation, and many more. So, we took the matter into our own hands and created “Claim Automated”, a streamlined solution that increases the efficiency of the entire claim process by automating the actions involved, with the goal to never manually type a claim again.

What was first designed as an internal solution to increase our efficiency, is now available as a standalone offering that may be integrated into your law firm and garner the same results.

Being in the same industry, we share the same goals and pains, and we went through an extensive development process leading to the creation of ”Claim Automated”. We’ve tested, perfected, and we’ve seen the benefits first-hand. Faster claim processing leads to happier clients and an overall increase in productivity. “Claim Automated” is the first system to standardize and automate civil litigation pleadings, and now it’s available and ready to work its magic for your law firm next.

Civil litigators can now do more and increase their flow of clients. While every individual case has a unique set of facts, many times, similar types of matters have similar sets of requirements. Whether you’re handling breach of contract disputes, property damage claims, or other types of lawsuits, “Claim Automated” generates claims in minutes - not hours.

Visit claimautomated.com for more information and gain access to a free demo.