Generate claims in minutes - not hours.

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Automatically Populate Litigation Pleadings with Claim Automated

Claim Automated provides the fields you need and the pre-build claim. When a claim needs to be populated, just select the matter, fill in the fields and you will have a fully completed claim.

Effortless for YOU and CLIENTS

A software that helps you process claims smoothly and efficiently.

  • Compatible application - designed to work on your desktop or laptop.
  • Case management system integration - lawyers can access the claim from a single interface.
  • Full automation - the first system to standardize civil litigation pleadings.
  • Quicker turnaround time - streamlined claim process that does the work for you
  • Handle larger workloads - save time by avoiding document collection, repeat client consultations, excess documentation, and more!
  • Fewer errors - information is clear and concise; never type out a claim manually again.

Claim Automated

Generate claims in minutes - not hours.