Step 1: Set Up

Claim Automated "Civil Litigation Claims Processing System" integrates with legal case management systems involved in automation. Claim Automated provides the fields and the pre-build claim. System is coded for efficiencies provided by each legal case management system. For each field, we do the following...

Settings > Custom Fields:

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Step #2: Installation

Once we've inserted all your form fields using the process above, Automated Claims is installed in selected Legal Case Management Software

To do this, we click back over to the Legal Case Management Software > Civil Litigation Claims Processing System > then click the “Add” button.

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Step 3#: System Maintenance

Click Documents > Click “New,” and click “Document.”

Select your template, matter, and output format (PDF, Word, or both). Click “Create.

Click the name of the document to download a copy or click “Share” to send the document straight to the client via Clio’s secure portal, or by email.

How do you use Claim automated in Clio? Claim Automated provides the fields you need and the pre-built claim. Whether you’re handling breach of contract disputes, property damage claims, or other types of lawsuits, Claim Automated makes it easy to generate claims, reduce time and produce quality documents.

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FREE Demo Video

FREE Demo Video

Matter Screens; Breach of Contract, Home Repair, Loan, Property Damage, Sale of Goods, Services Rendered/Unpaid Invoice and more.

How it works

From intake to claim

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Useful info

  • Leverage pre-built claims
  • Enhances productivity
  • Reduces errors
  • Empower employees
  • Easy to use interface

Claim Automated - Civil Litigation

Generate claims in minutes - not hours.